Diversity at WFU

Wake Forest has a leadership infrastructure comprised of faculty, administrators, and staff that informs institutional policies and organizational structures around diversity and inclusion. Visit the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website for more information.

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership

The Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Team develops and articulates the institutional approach to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community. We work collaboratively with faculty, administrators, staff, and students to create a campus culture that transforms the driving assumptions underlying our policies, the allocation of resources, and the synthesis of institutional practices to assure our increasingly diverse population receives equitable treatment.

Barbee Myers Oakes listens to students on campus.

Barbee Myers Oakes listens to students on campus.

Barbee Myers Oakes, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

J. Matthew Williams
Assistant Director
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Shayla Herndon-Edmunds
Manager of Diversity Education
Office of Diversity and Inclusion / Human Resources

Alta Mauro, M.Ed.
Director of Office of Multicultural Affairs

Angela Mazaris, Ph.D.
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Center

Search in Progress
Women’s Center

Diversity and Inclusion Executive Advisory Council

The Diversity & Inclusion Executive Advisory Council (DIEAC) is comprised of tenured faculty and administrators that fosters dialogue over the diversity and inclusion strategic planning process.  DIEAC also establishes the shared framework of performance indicators to measure progress throughout the strategic planning cycle.

Diversity and Inclusion Partners Council

The Diversity & Inclusion Partners Council (DIPC) is an action-oriented team of inclusion champions that serves primarily as a resource to the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. DIPC is comprised of staff and administration advocates who help establish actionable goals and implement inclusion initiatives within their respective units.

Campus Partners

At Wake Forest, we affirm diversity and inclusion in partnership with all institutional units. Listed below are the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s chief strategic partners.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team focuses on strategic initiatives that allow Wake Forest University to maximize the potential of current and future talent, and to increase campus engagement.

Office of the Chaplain

The religious and spiritual components of the University’s programming are intended to encourage the pursuit of meaning through spiritual reflection and free inquiry, enabling a wide circle of inclusion and identifications, and advancing mutual understanding and respect among differing traditions.

Learning Assistance Center/Disability Services

In concert with the mission of the Division of Student Life, Disability Services within the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) exists to enable students with disabilities to experience equal access to the academic, social, and recreational activities and programs at Wake Forest University.

Student Life

Student Life at Wake Forest represents a journey that seeks to engage students in experiences that broaden the mind, strengthen the body, and inspire the spirit. Opportunities for such experiences abound at Wake Forest. In collaboration with student leaders the offices of student life aim to enrich the lives of students through meaningful engagement in student organizations, service learning, campus activities, community and civic engagement, recreation, and leadership development.

Institute for Public Engagement

Building upon the educational philosophy of Wake Forest University and mindful of its motto, Pro Humanitate, the Institute promotes the common good and sets a standard of university-wide excellence in public engagement, collaborative skills and interdisciplinary teaching and research. The Institute prepares students for civic leadership, action and reflection, provides faculty with resources to enhance their work in the community and supports innovative relationships among faculty, students, administration, staff, alumni and the broader community.

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