“Help us remain innovative and courageous in our commitment to develop an inclusive campus community of learners where cultural understanding and fluency in intercultural communication remain integral components of all intellectual and co-curricular pursuits. Please make a pledge to the diversity and inclusion funds listed below.”
Barbee Myers Oakes, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion

For more information about specific initiatives or opportunities to support, contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at (336) 758-3824.

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Diversity and Inclusion Fund

The Diversity and Inclusion Fund at Wake Forest supports the university mission through initiatives that finance undergraduate and graduate student opportunities, professional development, strategic initiatives, and operations within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Students on the Quad.When inclusion is practiced, faculty, staff and students demonstrate engagement by promoting the university, supporting the mission and committing to do their best. We maintain an inclusive campus by celebrating various cultures, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities; infusing inclusive excellence into our faculty initiatives; offering curricula that are reflective of a global society; and developing cultural competence education programs that equip our constituents with skills and knowledge to build global citizenship.

Visiting Scholars for Inclusive Excellence

The Visiting Scholars for Inclusive Excellence Fund resources the initiative to invite a diverse cadre of faculty and post-doctoral scholars to ensure our students gain exposure to diverse perspectives in the curriculum; and to demonstrate the cultural competence and worldview we aspire to cultivate in our students.

The faculty help define any university — and that is certainly true here.  All universities emphasize getting the best faculty. Each is looking for the best minds; those thinkers who are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines.  But at Wake Forest, we look at a subset of this larger pool for those great scholars who are also passionate about teaching – which means committed to educating the whole person.

But, how can we aspire to the highest level of excellence, to be a collegiate university where faculty and students are actively engaged, if we fail to draw from the entire population?

Student Cultural Competence Education Fund

The Student Cultural Competence Education Fund will support a comprehensive cultural competence education program to better equip students with individual and intercultural understanding that will prepare them to lead and compete in a global society.

Students talk to Nate French, director of the Wake Forest Magnolia Scholars program.Building a culture of inclusion means not only fostering, but also leveraging diverse perspectives effectively. Inclusion also involves an awareness of how culture influences behaviors.  Through innovative educational practices, we can enhance student understanding of cultural difference, similarities and perceptions; and provide tools, workshops and assessments to help them engage in intercultural dialogue, mitigate conflict and shape our community.

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